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Vrindavan A Divine Place Of Nature

Significance of Vrindavan

Vrindavan the holy land of where Sri Radha and Sri Krishna perform spiritual lovable Lila's along with sakhis.This abode filled with flora and fauna fragrance of love,Yamuna river stream of love and birds chirp Sri RadhaKrishna name with love.The name 'Vrindavan' is derived from 'Vrinda' another name from the basil (sacred Tulsi plant for Hindus) where Lord Krishna as a child and in adolescence used to play and graze his cows along with other shepherd boys and girls. It is here that he performed many of his leelas or games to enlighten the people about his divinity. It is here that great saints and yogis realized the ultimate, not by going through the rigors of Hatha Yoga but through, Bhakti Yoga or complete surrender in love and not submission, that the great saints became one with the supreme in the form of Lord Krishna and his divine better half Sri Radha. A legend has it that the entire place was a tulsi grove at one time. According to another tradition, it was named after Vrinda Devi, one of Krishna's playmates. The great Emperor Akbar of mughal times was taken blindfolded inside the groves where he had a spiritual experience. As a result, he acknowledged the spot as being holy ground.Vrindavan, most important town known as 'Braj' around 15 km from Mathura is situated on the bank of the holy river Yamuna.

Vrindavan Yamuna river

Location And Climate of Vrindavan

Situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh; Vrindavan is around 151 km south of Delhi. The place is just 10 km off Mathura, being a land of peace and serenity. It is well connected by means of road, air and railway. It extends latitude 27°33¢ in the North to longitude 77°44¢ in the East.Vrindavan experiences an extreme climate. The maximum temperature during the summer reaches a high of around 45°C and winters can reach a low of 4°C. Torrential rains come across in the month of July and continue till September. October-March is the appreciated period to visit Vrindavan.

Peaceful surroundings of Vrindavan

SAGA OF Vrindavan

Vrindavan is chiefly a place of temples. Nearly bearing 4,000 temples, which include several private shrines and 'sattras' (houses for the distribution of alms); they are spread on a 10 km stretch. The earliest known shrine in Vrindavan is said to have been built in a large garden called 'Seva Kunj'. This land is known from the legends of Sri Radhavallabh.Vrindavan is a major place of pilgrims attracting about 5 million pilgrims every year. The famous temples and places in Vrindavan are Lord Radhavallabh, Lord Banke Bihari, Vrindavan Parikarama, Krishna Balarama, Kesari ghat, Govindaji, Rangji, Madan Mohan, Radha Damodar, Radha-Gokulnanda, Radha Gopinath, Seva kunj and so many others.

Festival of Vrindavan


Any occasion or event in Vrindavan is a time to rejoice and enchant the name of God. The devotion involved in the celebrations take a devotee from this physical world to the heavenly domicile. Janashtami/Radhashtami in the months of July/August is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna/Radha and thousands of devotee’s throng Vrindavan from all over the country. "Holi" the most charm and celebrated with full vigour festival that is enjoyed from Basant Panchami and played till the day of Holi. In July month "Guru Poornima" is the hallmark festival where large number of disciples come to pay their respects to their Guru's it's an exotic manner one can learn and see the "Guru shishya parampara" followed from ages. The "Ganga Dashera", "Nirjala Ekadshi Festival" and "Jhula festival" awesome to watch true feast for eyes festival. On "Akshaya Tritiya" and "Akshaya Navami" Vrindavan parikrama has an auspicious significance. Everyday every minute devotees constantly recite Sri Radha Krishna’s name with vigour and devotion it seems as soul of Vrindavan are Sri Radhakrishna, breath are devotees and life the holy chants that soak in the holy dust of Vrindavan.


ROUTES TO Vrindavan:

  • By Air: There are two air route destinations in order to reach Vrindavan easily. One is the Agra airport which is approximately 67 km away from Vrindavan. Second is the international airport at Delhi, which is connected to almost every important city in the world with major airlines and is around 151km away from Vrindavan.
  • By Rail: Mathura on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai main line is the main railway station near Vrindavan. Vrindavan bearing a small self station, three local trains leave Mathura Junction each day (6.30 am, 3.40 pm and 7.40 pm) for the station in the south of Vrindavan.
  • By Road: Vrindavan bears a direct road link from Delhi to Agra; it is also connected via buses to Mathura as well as these cities. Various tourist vehicles, taxis and mini buses are also available for a trip to this town.
Madan Mohan Temple of Vrindavan

Religious Places in Locations of Vrindavan

  • Bankey Bhihari Temple: Banke Bihari Temple dedicated to the Supreme Lord Krishna. This particular characteristic makes the worshipping black deity in the temple particularly interesting that depicts the Lord in the Tribhanga posture as Lord stands in bent leg posture. Founded by Swami Haridas in the mid-eighteenth century, the temple is architecturally resplendent in contemporary Rajasthani style archways and intricate detailing that accentuates the regal aura of the divine atmosphere.
  • Shri Radhavallabh Temple: The divine sacred and oldest temple dedicated to Lord RadhaKrishna founded by Shri Harivansh Mahaprbhu.
  • Madan Mohan Temple: Madan Mohan Temple, located near the Kali Ghat and overlooking the burbling Yamuna River. It is not just a holy place of reverence but a historically important edifice that transcends you back to the 15th century to the times when the reverential saint Sanatan Goswami.
  • Sri Ranganatha or Rangaji Temple: The largest temples in not only Vrindavan but the entire region of north India. Dedicated to Lord Krishna as the divine and benevolent Lord Ranganatha.
  • Shri Radha Raman Temple: celebrating Lord Krishna in the appearance of the ‘One who gives pleasure to Radha’.
  • Sri Gopeshawar Mahadeva Temple: Lord Shiva had dressed as Gopi to offer His prayers to Lord RadhaKrishna thus he was bestowed with honour of name Gopeshawar meaning the head of Gopis.
Mathura Krishna Janambhoomi

Religious Locations around Vrindavan:

  • Mathura: 15 km. From Vrindavan, the birthplace of lord Krishna and Vishram ghat where Lord Krishna took rest after killing Kansa.
  • Gokul: 33 km. From Vrindavan, Celebration of Janamashtami is unparalleled for its gaiety & celebrated spot where Lord Krishna reared in nurse.
  • Govardhan: 26 km. From Vrindavan, young Lord Krishna is said to have held Giriraj on the tip of finger for seven days & famous for parikrama.
  • Barsana: 46 km. From Vrindavan, named after Brahma, home of Radha famous for 'Latthmar' Holi.
  • Radha Kunda: 22 km. From Vrindavan large lake where Shri Krishna killed Arista-bull demon.
  • Nand Gaon: 55 km. From Vrindavan, home of Lord Krishna’s father Nand Baba.