Enter the transcendental world of Sri RadhaKrishna and Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu.

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Divinty Of Radha Krishna !!!! Whats inside

  • Shri Radha:

    The supreme Goddess the soul of Sri Krishna, we know her as the love of Krishna and the Gopi of Vrindavan, but the truth is something more deep and different. Sri Radha is the mystical power to which the trinity bows and is far beyond the reach of time and Vedas. Explore the unexplored amazing zenith of pure love.

  • Shri Krishna:

    The truth of every soul, the most loved divine of hearts Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna’s legacy is sung in various couplets; Shrimad Bhagawat is bestowed with his lilas. The creator, the lover, the guru, the destroyer and friend- Sri Krishna is present in every form. We have tried to throw light on his beautiful life and Bhakti Yoga.

  • Spiritualism:

    Spiritualism is the path to achieve true bliss and peace in life. In today's materialistic world the need of meditation holds high importance in the lives of all human beings on this earth. Here we relate to the essentials of this fact.

  • Shri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu:

    The founder of Radhavallabh Sampradaya -Sri Hith Harivansh is the incarnation of the flute of Sri Krishna. Know the legend, which sow the seed of the legacy which narrates the love of Sri RadhaKrishna which is far above the Vedas and depicts their superiority because of which they reign the trinity.

  • Radhashtami:

    It is the festival to celebrate the birth of Goddess Radha on this earth. She is the supreme power of this universe, hence her birthday is celebrated with full delight and joy in the land of Vrindavan.

  • Janmashtami:

    It is the festival to celebrate the birth of Sri Krishna on this earth. He is holds this universe on His little finger and protects us from the evils. His birthday is celebrated all over the world at 12 midnight with great splendor and joy.

  • Kamdhenu and Krishna:

    Goddess Kamdhenu has a beautiful significance in Hindu mythology.She entitled Sri Krishna as the savior of cows on this Earth and gave him the name of 'Govinda'.



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