Janmashtami and Nandotsav Festival Of Radha Krishna In Vrindavan

The eighth day of bhadra krishnapaksh is marked as the day of birth of lord Shri Krishna known as ‘Janmashatami’ the most sacred.

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Janmashtami/ Nandotsav Festival Of Radhavallabh Temple:-

  • The eighth day of bhadra krishnapaksh is marked as the grand festival the birth of lord Shri Krishna known as ‘Janmashatami’ the most sacred. Vrindavan, Gokul, Mathura , Nandgaon are decorated with lights, colors, lamps, thrill and fun like a bride adorns a bridal gown. Every temple is gushed with hundreds of devotees who fast the whole day and wait till the bell of twelve lord Shri Krishna in the form of Ladoo Gopal is placed in the jhoola covered with flowers and as the clock strikes twelve devotees celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.

  • Celebrations of 'Nandotsav' in Radhavallabh Temple:

    In Radhavallabh temple Janmashtami is celebrated in a different manner with the emotions of sakhi. Here on janmashtami lord adorns yellow attire and special janmashtami couplets are sang in the samaj. The very next day is celebrated with great bang known as Nandotsav. This means the day all sakhis go to Nand baba’s house to congratulate and celebrate the birth of lord Shri Krishna. In the morning hours special panchamrit bath is performed. The whole temple is decorated with yellow color. The inner temple is also covered with yellow curtains. Banana leaves and kalash are placed as the symbols of good rituals known as ‘Mangal Chin’. Lord Shri Radhavallabh is adorned with yellow attire, bejeweled with special ornaments.

  • 'Bhog' prepared on Janmashatami Festival:-

    In sringaar darshan panchamrit is distributed, special bhog is prepared like mohan bhog, sweets like ‘dhaniya barfi’, ‘mingi barfi’, ‘almond, pistachios barfi’ etc. unlimited sorts of barfi, rabri and many more. The explicit beauty and extravagance gives a feeling as if all the devotees have actually come to congratulate Nandbaba for the birth of Lord Shri Krishna. In the samaj the couplets are of enjoying and congratulating Nandbaba.

  • Processions of Sri Krishna done by devotees:-

    Janmashtami is day full of colors and wonderful memories exclusive raslilas are performed. Some places you can listen Shrimad Bhagwat or religious bhajans or people dancing in temple in full vigor to be the part of this celebration; It seems the whole town has been immersed in the leelas of Shri Krishna. At night big long processions are taken out. The parade has lots of chariot having kids disguised as shri Radha Krishna, ladies dressed as gopis performing garba, dandiya ras in front of idols of many gods and goddesses. It seems as one is reliving the moments of birth of Shri Krishna. One can feel the bhakti raining on the earth with love and charming touch of devotion.

  • Video Highlights:- Nandotsav Festival in Radhavallabh temple.

    Nandotsav Mangala Darshan
    Nandotsav Dhoop Sringaar Darshan
    Nandotsav Sringaar Darshan
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